October 2016: Adam Christopher

In this series, we are catching up with musicians from all over the world to talk about their passion: music!



Adam Christopher is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer, and pianist from Indiana, United states. His youtube channel consists mostly of acoustic songs of popular pop tunes. But, creative as he is, he also released an album full of original songs. Besides singing on his own channel, Adam sings in his band called Brothers Grimm. And they are about to release an album! We are catching up with him to talk about his music, experiences, and life as a musician.


Give me a little insight of what a typical day in your life looks like.

I like to stay pretty lenient as far as scheduling. I hate monotonous work schedules, so I kind of surprise myself every day. I have every task I need to get done for the week written down on a markerboard next to my bed. When I wake up, I try to pick 2-3 things to complete that day.

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day?

All the time. Usually, it’s on days when I’m recording or filming. There are always unexpected obstacles, and I have found myself recording videos until well past 4am because of it.

How do you find time for your friends and family?

I’ve learned to make time for them. It’s pretty easy for me now, though certain weeks can be more challenging than others. Time goes by very quickly, and you never know how long you have left to spend with the most important people in your life, whoever they may be.

What music did you listen to growing up?

Alternative pop/ hardcore. My favorite bands were All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Nevershoutnever, Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, The Maine, and tons more like that.

Did you always plan on being a musician?

No, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be until my freshman year of college. Halfway through the year I just realized that I was wasting all of my time and my hard earned money on a career that I was dreading. I realized that I would rather die poor, young, and happy than old, rich, and miserable. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but I’m prepared for it if it does.

When and how exactly did you decide to make a YouTube channel?

I initially made it in high school. I had a lot of fun learning how to use Garageband and it was just a hobby back then. I did a lot of collaborations with my friends because I was just learning how to sing as well.

Do you have some tips for musicians reading this who want to create their own YouTube channel?

Set goals for yourself. If your goal is to have fun, then just have fun with your channel. If your goal is a career in music, then take it seriously. Post consistent, high-quality content week after week. Collaborate with people who can make you better and learn from them.

How would you describe the music that you make?

My original music is my emotional outlet. Whatever stresses I’m experiencing in my life are made better through my music. I try to steer these emotional feelings through an intellectual outlet, to help my listeners think about their surroundings rather than just absorb them.

1957725_880097348691231_2305649835749826137_oWhat is the most important song you wrote emotionally? What’s the story behind it?

The song is called Home Of The Vain by my band Brothers Grimm. The song is about a realization I had concerning those in authoritative positions, particularly in government. I wrote it during my freshman year of college in about 30 minutes, which is the fastest I have ever written a song.

Are you working on new material for your next album? How far along is it?

It is completely finished actually, I am just waiting on the final mixes to arrive from our producers.

Are there themes or topics where you want to write about on your next album?

Anything and everything that is controversial. I grew tired of things being “off limits”. It causes kids who are developing to shut off their brains and steal the opinions of the people who are restricting them.

Take me through your songwriting process 

It’s different every time really. I like to sit down with one or two other people (usually my band mates), and just start writing whatever comes to our minds.  Sometimes we will write on our couch, other times we will go to a park or scenic place. Often it will develop into something beautiful and amazing. Sometimes it will take an hour, sometimes a day, sometimes months, sometimes years.

When do you know when a song is ready?

Sometimes I just know. Other times, I have to force myself to stop critiquing or I will drive myself mad. I’m a perfectionist and If I didn’t force myself to be done, I would keep changing the song for years and never release it.

Being a musician isn’t always easy, which problems do you face on a daily basis?

We live in a world where most people (for good reason) value education and job security. Being surrounded by these people can be very emotionally taxing, especially when they are my family and closest friends. It is difficult, but I have to force myself to constantly relocate common ground between me and them.

What is your favorite artist/band and why?

Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens. I absolutely love the look in his eyes when he performs. He loves what he does and has worked so hard to be where he is. He is one of my biggest role models along with Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire.

What’s the best concert you have ever seen?

Mayday Parade / Sleeping With Sirens at warped tour. I can’t remember what year it was, but it must have been around 5-6 years ago. You could really feel the love for the music.

What’s the most special experience you ever had with a fan?

I had some fans travel from Michigan to Indianapolis to see my band play at a small venue. They knew all the lyrics to our songs, which gave me the biggest smile when I was performing on stage. It’s great to see people that are willing to support their favorite bands like that, even when we are small and pretty unsuccessful.

What is your biggest achievement in life musically?

Opening a concert for The Word Alive. It was an amazing experience with such a great crowd. We also received amazing support from the band, who let us know that they loved our performance specifically and gave us encouragement. Great group of guys.

What is something you still want to do musically?

A hundred things. The next thing on my horizon specifically is incorporating rap music into my band’s EDM / hardcore /  acoustic genre.

Is there a venue where you still want to perform?

Everyone in the world. Mainly, I want to tour overseas. I didn’t get to travel much when I was growing up and haven’t been out of the country. I would love to absorb different cultures of the world while meeting people who have been affected by my music.

You have a popular YouTube channel right now, 893780_1677472792491107_1263490135172068854_owhat are the things you’re still hoping to achieve?

I try not to think too far ahead.  Right now, I’m just thinking toward my next subscriber goal: 50k.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Touring, living in a bus. I want it to be my life.

If you had the choice to do a collaboration with any musician, who would it be and why?

Devin from I See Stars. I love the tone of his voice and the writing style for all of their clean vocals. He also has a pretty similar singing style to mine, but his voice is a little higher.

Do you have tips for musicians that they can use when practicing their instrument/vocals?

Utilize your passion to help you practice. I was never able to just sit down and practice a scale or a series of notes. Figure out what songs inspire you as a person and an artist and learn those to perfection. Practice is boring. Passion is energizing.

How do you prepare yourself for a performance (what’s your routine when you are just about to hit the stage)?

I like to have a little whiskey and jump around a lot. I have to get hyped for a Brothers Grimm show.

Are you going on tour? Where can people see you playing live?

Hopefully, we will be touring soon enough, but for right now we play at the Emerson and the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis.


Get in contact with Adam!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mradamchristopher
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mradamchristopher
Twitter: @adamchristofer
Instagram: @mradamchristopher

Links to Brothers Grimm
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/brosgrimband
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xbrothersgrimm
Instagram: @brosgrimmband

Está procurando lugar para tocar?




Sabemos que o mercado Brasileiro de Música está cada vez mais complicado e cada vez menos oportunidades aparecem para bandas novas – principalmente para fazer shows!

Pensando nisso, o fleeber acaba de fazer uma parceria incrível com o B Music Bar – um dos bares mais reconhecidos de São Paulo para música ao vivo – viabilizando um espaço democrático e criando novas oportunidades para bandas novas.

 A partir de Agosto teremos periodicamente no B Music Bar o “Espaço Fleeber”, onde bandas novas, através de promoções e concusos no próprio fleeber, terão espaço para tocar e divulgar seu trabalho.
Quer participar?

É muito simples! Todo artista participante deve ter obrigatoriamente um perfil de banda/artista cadastrado no fleeber e, a partir dai, é só mandar o link do seu perfil para espacofleeber@fleeber.com e aguardar nossa equipe entrarmos em contato.

Não tem o perfil lá ainda? Crie agora mesmo no https://fleeber.com/pickProfile!

Capriche em seu perfil! Definiremos os selecionados pela qualidade das informações nele: fotos boas, influências, setlists, posts de vídeos e áudios (se possível ao vivo), etc.
Muito importante: para garantir a continuidade desse espaço, será definido com o B Music Bar um público mínimo para garantir a qualidade do serviço e segurança ao público, por isso é necessário que os artistas selecionados assumam um compromisso com o local.

Essa medida visa viabilizar o projeto ao longo prazo e a garantir a construção deum espaço democrático e sustentável para artistas Brasileiros. Além disso, a partir do um publico mínimo, uma parte de cada entrada será revertida diretamente para você, o artista!

Boa sorte e vamos fazer muita música ao vivo!!
Topa o desafio?? 

Está com dificuldade para divulgar suas músicas? Não sabe o que fazer para atingir um público maior?

E se tivesse um jeito simples para distribuir seu som em diversas plataformas digitais (como Spotify, iTunes, rdio, Google Play Music, e muito mais)?


Plataformas Digitais - vamos divulgar suas músicas


E aí você já está pensando que isso vai ser trabalhoso e caro né? Não com o fleeber!!!!

Através de nossa plataforma você pode registrar quantas músicas quiser por um preço extremamente camarada.


É rápido. Você faz o upload das músicas e nós colocamos você no iTunes, Spotify e mais inúmeras plataformas digitais.

É fácil. Com o fleeber, você mantém o controle criativo do seu trabalho e decide quando quer divulgá-lo.

É barato. Você paga uma assinatura mensal e fica com o resultado de royalties das suas músicas.

É na rede. Por conta própria, você pode construir sua base de fãs através das redes sociais.


Não está convencido? Leia aquí embaixo os motivos pelos quais você deve fazer isso!

Já entendeu que está mais do que na hora de fazer isso? Então vamos colocar todo mundo pra escutar seu som! Mande seus dados que em breve entraremos em contato para pedirmos algumas informações e colocar essas músicas pra rodar o mundo!

De quebra seu som ainda pode cair na nossa lista oficial no Spotify, curada pela Di Ferrero!

Ainda não fez seu perfil de banda/artísta no fleeber? Clique aqui então!


Porque é tão importante registrar minhas músicas?
Com o registro você passa a ter controle sobre sua obra. Divulgar suas músicas é extremamente importante, porém também é importante que você seja remunerado por isso, afinal é o seu trabalho. A única maneira de ser remunerado é ter sua obra registrada.


Porque não posso distribuir as músicas diretamente? Num é só colocar no YouTube e no Facebook?
Muita calma caro padawan, as coisas não são tão simples assim! Você pode colocar suas músicas em plataformas como essas, porém não terá o controle oficial sobre sua obra… o Facebook por exemplo não vai te pagar nada, e o Youtube não está muito procupado com suas músicas se ela não estiver registrada… Além disso, as principais plataformas de streaming de música do mundo todo não aceitam que você sozinho vá lá e suba seu som… você precisa de algum intermediário especializado nisso, e é isso que estamos te oferecendo.


Eu não me importo em ganhar dinheiro… Só quero que os outros escutem minhas músicas!
Primeiramente parabéns… poucos não querem ganhar dinheiro no mundo! Mas independente de sua vontade, você sabia que se não registrar sua obra, alguém pode copiá-la, e aí você não vai conseguir provar que é sua se ele registrar antes? Além disso, como já dissemos, os mais importantes meios de streaming não vão deixar que você coloque suas músicas diretamente lá e, dessa maneira, menos pessoas vão descobrir seu som!

E aí…. vamos divulgar suas músicas?

This is a post to announce our mind-boggling new features! (Yes, there is more than one.) They are already live on our dearest fleeber website! Our Android and iOS apps will be updated soon.

First, we now have a juicy tagging ability – Oh my god… fleeber is finnally up to date to this incredible 2010 internet feature 🙂

Tagging people and services

It’s easy to do. You can now tag anyone that you follow (your friends, services or places, your dad – if he’s signed up to fleeber) and they will be notified to take a look at the message you tagged them!!! Just type their name capitalized, or start with the good and old @.


Well, read on. Our next new features are waaaay above cool — they’re hot!!

You already have your profile here on fleeber, don’t you? How about you can create another profile exclusively for your band, right from the comfort of your current musician profile?

Please welcome your most requested, most awaited feature… The BAND /ARTIST profile!!

Check out My BANDS / ARTISTS under the menu at the top left of your screen, and hit that!

Don’t worry, it’s FREE.

Fill out the fields, such as the band’s name, its birth date, and all the necessary stuff to make a neat band profile. Give it it’s own profile picture and cover media. After that, add all of the band members! Yes, each one of them!

Add Member to Band Profile

And we mean, add past members too! This will create a band’s musical journey, from past to present! Just tell fleeber when that cool ex-member joined and when they left and what they were playing. Their profiles will be connected to the band’s, so people can find them through your band, the way people find your band through theirs.

This applies to your active members too. So everyone that is and was part of your band will automatically be connected to your band’s profile.

While there is not much that an ex can do (maybe sue you if you were married), active members (including you) can post photos, videos, and news to fans, followers, and to the entire population of planet fleeber. No more feeding the fans on your own when the whole band can do it together.

But what if you don’t have a band yet? Or you still need to find that badass shredder to go stages with you?

Worry not!

Just create a band/artist profile (just like we taught you above), but leave that specific positions open so musicians can apply. You soon will start receiving applications and yes, you will decide who gets to play and who doesn’t!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is just some of the things that ONLY fleeber can do. There will always be more to come as we, in our evermessy warm kitchen, are preparing features like: exclusive show schedules, music registration and distribution, jobs posting and the hiring of various services, full interaction with the fans, and much more! We will keep you updated through this blog and our newsletters. You just keep making great music and have fun!

Have some features to ask? Email us at features@fleeber.com!

See you all playing soon!

For some unknown reason, I decided to remember a few cartoon characters that rock the hell of some instruments. Could they live as musicians instead of drawings? Maybe…. Do they play better than me? For sure!!!!! So… lets make a list ranked by me and myself exclusively – 10 cartoon characters that can play better than me!

Number 10 – Josie and the Pussycats

I never really liked this cartoon… But well, they WERE actually a band, so I feel like it is a must-add to lhe list… So here it is, the 10th place.


Number 9 – The Flintstones

Ok… That’s not like the Flintstones were playing music all the time, but well, they could really “ROCK”…. got it??? Ok… bad joke, but enough to get them to the 9th place!


Number 8 – The Smurfs

The Smurfs were more like a big orchestra band… But the thing is, are they even real, or just some mushroom trip from Gargamel? No matter what is the truth, they also got some crazy Luthier Skills when they made a magic flute back in 1976!!!!!! And that skill took them to the 8th place!


smurfs smurfs flauta

Number 7 – Sponge Bob and Patrick

There are quite some times that Sponge Bob and Patrick are playing some stuff… But the real reason why they got in this list is because they had some really cool instruments that actually works under water!!!!!

bob esponja

Number 6 – Jon (Garfield)

Jon is a really weird, geek, loney, with a lazy cat as only friend, guy… What do you do under this circunstances??? You play the hell out of the accordion!!!!!!!! And get the 6th place of course!!!!!

jon garfield

Number 5 – Peanuts’ Band

With at least one amazing talent, Schroeder (the Piano guy, Peanuts’ best friend…. after Linus…. and after Snoopy… and maybe after some other characters), this band has some good multi-instrumentalists, and sometimes a dog… How does it get better than that? 5th place to them!


Number 4 – Doug Funnie and Skeeter

This brings me some really good memories… The teenage life, the girl you could never get, the band you loved it (the Beets!!!!!!!!), your banjo (what, you didn’t have a banjo?), and of course, the first band!!! The 4th place goes to Doug’s Garage Band, and their great hit, Bangin’ on a trash can!!!!


Number 3 – Lisa Simpson

What to say about Lisa…. Anything would be pointless other than “She is Homer’s daugther”…. When you are blood related to Homer it doesn’t matter if you are an awesome Sax player, with unbeliveable Blues skills, you get into any list and that’s it!


Number 2 – T. Boone Pickens, aka Bluegrass (SilverHawks)

First things first… Human-Hawk Cyborgs are too cool to be left out of anything… Second, think about Bruce Dickinson, a musician who flies planes… That is basically what Bluegrass do… The main pilot from the SilverHawks space ship, the Mirage… A big fan of Country Music, he could control the Mirage with his awesome guitar, the Hot Licks, always making music of course…. It is so random, that it got to 2nd place!!!!!


Number 1 – Animal (The Muppets)

The crazyest of all the Muppets (and most likely off all cartoon characters), Animal’s vocabulary is generally limited to guttural shouts and monosyllabic grunts, which he compensates with incredible music skills!!!! It is so much talent, that while playing he is chained to the drum set to hold his violent outbursts (music ones of course)… All of this was enough to get him into this list…. but why in first place? Simple, he beat Dave Grohl on a drum challenge… How could he not be on the top of the podium?


Think I should have listed other characters? Leave a comment and maybe I throw another list like this one!!!!

From 'The Social Network' Movie: Mark Zuckerberg Business Card [CEO, Facebook]

From ‘The Social Network’ Movie: Mark Zuckerberg Business Card [CEO, Facebook]

When you have that one billion dollar idea in the shower and decide that you should have your own Start Up, become CEO, and have a nice business card with your name on it, that are some little things that need to happen between that idea and that one billion dollars. Those little things are basically work, work and work a little more.

First thing that should be really clear, you will work at least twice as you used to in any other job. You have a business depending on you, there is no more weekends, no more sleeping late or calling sick, there are only goals that you must accomplish. You have to find time to make things happen, otherwise that “billion dollar” idea is just an idea. Execution matters way much more than ideas.

In the beginning of fleeber (we were named JamOn at the time) I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to build a great company by myself, so I found two other crazy people to join me in this ride. Later we realized that we still needed more expertise in the company (we also have had some changes in the founding team through the time), so another two guys joined the group (personal reminder: write about finding the right people to start a company with and about our founding team). Now we are six founders… So, how shall we divide our responsibilities? IT, Product, Marketing, Operational, Commercial? Everyone in their own world? Friendly reminder, we are all first time founders (at least in the IT world)… The answer for us was never too difficult to get… we can´t be specialists. We must work as a team, getting every next “to-do item” and deciding how to attack it.

It is true that we have “owners” for the company areas (IT, Marketing, etc..), but at the end of the day, is everyone’s responsibility to get the job done. So, each one of us works in more than one area of expertise.

Going even further, we don´t think that having strictly defined roles should be an option… not to us, and probably not to our first 50 employees… Everyone should be accountable for the company, because in the end, if it fails, it is going to fail for everyone. We should be ready to do just about anything, whether is serving coffee or setting a barbecue together (by the way, Loucão, one of our founders, is unbelievable great at this) while some of us are coding, learning about legal stuff, or supporting an user.

The sentence “this is not my job to do” is not acceptable at fleeber… It is everyone´s job to make the company grow. We have gone through changes from the first founder´s team to finally get to this one, and we are not afraid to do even more changes on the way if that is going to be better for the company.

So, the most important thing is, what you are willing to do for your start up, or your cool executive title? By the way, I have chosen my own title… I´m CCTO bi**…. Chief of Cheap Talk Officer… and maybe that is the real reason why at least I don´t need a job title on my business card.

By the way… thanks to Rafael Volpato for this post’s idea.

The first post

by Ramon Canales on

So… why does fleeber have a blog? I guess there is no right answer for this question…

May its because we want to share all the great things we are doing in our company… Maybe we want to share all the bad things we are doing with our company… Maybe we have too much free time and don’t know what to do with it… Or maybe we just want to show off (I don´t know exactly what, but, who knows)… I guess in the end, the truth is we just want to lie about some stuff!

Anyway, in this blog we will talk about music, techonology, work, achievements, failures, and every/anything related to building our company, or random subjects we decide!


Welcome to our blog