10 cartoon characters that can play better than me

by Ramon Canales on

For some unknown reason, I decided to remember a few cartoon characters that rock the hell of some instruments. Could they live as musicians instead of drawings? Maybe…. Do they play better than me? For sure!!!!! So… lets make a list ranked by me and myself exclusively – 10 cartoon characters that can play better than me!

Number 10 – Josie and the Pussycats

I never really liked this cartoon… But well, they WERE actually a band, so I feel like it is a must-add to lhe list… So here it is, the 10th place.


Number 9 – The Flintstones

Ok… That’s not like the Flintstones were playing music all the time, but well, they could really “ROCK”…. got it??? Ok… bad joke, but enough to get them to the 9th place!


Number 8 – The Smurfs

The Smurfs were more like a big orchestra band… But the thing is, are they even real, or just some mushroom trip from Gargamel? No matter what is the truth, they also got some crazy Luthier Skills when they made a magic flute back in 1976!!!!!! And that skill took them to the 8th place!


smurfs smurfs flauta

Number 7 – Sponge Bob and Patrick

There are quite some times that Sponge Bob and Patrick are playing some stuff… But the real reason why they got in this list is because they had some really cool instruments that actually works under water!!!!!

bob esponja

Number 6 – Jon (Garfield)

Jon is a really weird, geek, loney, with a lazy cat as only friend, guy… What do you do under this circunstances??? You play the hell out of the accordion!!!!!!!! And get the 6th place of course!!!!!

jon garfield

Number 5 – Peanuts’ Band

With at least one amazing talent, Schroeder (the Piano guy, Peanuts’ best friend…. after Linus…. and after Snoopy… and maybe after some other characters), this band has some good multi-instrumentalists, and sometimes a dog… How does it get better than that? 5th place to them!


Number 4 – Doug Funnie and Skeeter

This brings me some really good memories… The teenage life, the girl you could never get, the band you loved it (the Beets!!!!!!!!), your banjo (what, you didn’t have a banjo?), and of course, the first band!!! The 4th place goes to Doug’s Garage Band, and their great hit, Bangin’ on a trash can!!!!


Number 3 – Lisa Simpson

What to say about Lisa…. Anything would be pointless other than “She is Homer’s daugther”…. When you are blood related to Homer it doesn’t matter if you are an awesome Sax player, with unbeliveable Blues skills, you get into any list and that’s it!


Number 2 – T. Boone Pickens, aka Bluegrass (SilverHawks)

First things first… Human-Hawk Cyborgs are too cool to be left out of anything… Second, think about Bruce Dickinson, a musician who flies planes… That is basically what Bluegrass do… The main pilot from the SilverHawks space ship, the Mirage… A big fan of Country Music, he could control the Mirage with his awesome guitar, the Hot Licks, always making music of course…. It is so random, that it got to 2nd place!!!!!


Number 1 – Animal (The Muppets)

The crazyest of all the Muppets (and most likely off all cartoon characters), Animal’s vocabulary is generally limited to guttural shouts and monosyllabic grunts, which he compensates with incredible music skills!!!! It is so much talent, that while playing he is chained to the drum set to hold his violent outbursts (music ones of course)… All of this was enough to get him into this list…. but why in first place? Simple, he beat Dave Grohl on a drum challenge… How could he not be on the top of the podium?


Think I should have listed other characters? Leave a comment and maybe I throw another list like this one!!!!

Written by: Ramon Canales

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