dezembro 27, 2016

Ta querendo uma grana extra? Quer ganhar R$100 do fleeber? DE VERDADE! Indica um estúdio de música pra gente.

Não é promoção, não é corrente, não é pirâmide… É só muito simples!

Sabe aquele estúdio que você já está acostumado a ensaiar / gravar? Ele já usa o fleeber Studio (nossa solução para estúdios)? Não? Então se você indicar e ele começar a usar, você leva R$100 pela indicação. Viu como é fácil?!

Conte pro dono do estúdio do sistema (, e manda pra gente o contato dele (Whatsapp, Facebook, email), juntamente com o seu contato! É só enviar para, e o resto é conosco!

Além da grana, você ainda passará a ter muito mais facilidade no contato e marcação de ensaios e gravações!!! Vai ser tudo online!

Tem um estúdio de música? Conheça a solução fleeber Studio


Se o estúdio que você indicar fechar um de nossos pacotes, no primeiro pagamento dele, você ganha R$100,00 direto na sua conta (precisa ter uma conta corrente para depósito ok?)! Ah, só vai ganhar o primeiro que indicar cada estúdio (e tiver feito a indicação para o dono, não adianta só mandar nome e contato de estúdio sem falar com ele)!!!!

Quer mais informações sobre o sistema pra conversar com o estúdio? Manda email pra gente no que batemos um papo!

December 2016: Vito Astone

In this series, we are catching up with musicians from all over the world to talk about their passion: music!



Vito Astone is a 40-year-old guitarist and bassist from Taranto, Italy. He is a musician with over ten years of experience playing all kinds of instruments (besides guitar and bass, he plays keyboard and bouzouki). As if his life isn’t busy enough, Vito also arranges, produces, and composes songs for both artists and songwriters. This month, fleeber got the chance to speak with him and we asked him about his musicianship and plans for the future.


Give me a little insight of what a typical day in your life looks like

Usually, I work in my studio for many hours a day, recording and producing arrangements for different artists. In the evenings I try to relax because I’m quite tired after a long day in the studio. In fact, it often seems to me that there are not enough hours in a day for everything I want to do.

What music did you listen to growing up?

I have listened to a little bit of everything, I used to listen to Italian pop, rock and international pop, bossa nova, and Latin. But now I really like modern country and music in the style of Dirty Loops, a great band by the way, you should really check them out!

Did you always plan on being a musician?

No, I started playing music relatively late in my life, slowly the interest in music and production won me. Before becoming a musician I worked in a factory.

foto3When and how exactly did you decide to make a YouTube channel?

I started my YouTube channel in 2007. In the early years I was not very interested in YouTube, but later, with the rise of technology, I understood its full potential. That’s when I started doing covers and created content for other musicians such as backing tracks for guitar and bass.

Do you have some tips for musicians reading this who want to create their own YouTube channel?

Try to visualize things drifting from imagination and creativity, what else do you need!?

How would you describe the music that you make?

I have written a few things, but they are still in the drawer.

Are you working on new material for your next album? How far along is it?

For years, I had the plan to make and release an album, but I can never finish it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish and release it somewhere in the future.

When do you know when a song is ready?

When you feel that you don’t have to add anything more. It’s really hard to explain actually, you just have to ‘’feel’’ it.

Being a musician isn’t always easy, which problems do you face on a daily basis?

Being a musician is very challenging, you always have to improve, learn about new technologies and use them, and don’t forget the bureaucracy involved.

What is your favourite artist/band and why?

Right now it’s Dirty Loops, they have an amazing technique, music taste…


Is there a venue where you still want to perform?foto4

There’s no particular venue where I want to perform, playing in the USA however, is something I really want to do.

You have a popular YouTube channel right now, what are the things you’re still hoping to achieve?

Well, there are a few actually, I like to find my ‘’own’’, special, way of making music, collaborate with many artists and reach 100,000 subscribers.

If you had the choice to do a collaboration with any musician, who would it be and why?

There’s no artist in particular but I love to work with some great international pop artists.

How much do you practice?


Do you have tips for musicians that they can use when practicing their instrument/vocals

Practice as much as you can and listen to music. Listening to music can really get your creative process going. When you hear a lot of different kinds of music, your head starts to fill with ideas of things that you can incorporate in one of your own songs.

How do you prepare yourself for a performance (what’s your routine when you are just about to hit the stage?)?

There’s not that much to it, I just try to relax and concentrate on what I’m going to perform.

Are you going on tour? Where can people see you playing live?

I have been on tour with an Italian artist for three years but now I’m only doing work in the studio. But if  there were to be some new opportunity to play live I would not mind leaving the studio for a while to go on tour.


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