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In this series, we are catching up with musicians from all over the world to talk about their passion: music

Alexander Stewart is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist from Toronto, Canada. He gained a large fanbase with his covers of today’s most popular songs, from artists like Ed Sheeran, 21 Pilots, and Taylor Swift. Currently, Alexander is on tour all over North America and Europe. We are catching up with him to talk about his music, experiences, and life as a musician.


Give me a little insight of what a typical day in your life looks like

Well, I’m still in high school but the way my schedule works, I only have to be in class in the mornings, which means I get to spend every afternoon working on my music, playing, singing, or recording a cover. Sometimes I hang out with friends, (but mostly on the weekends) and I love keeping up with my social media and seeing what my awesome followers are up to.

Being a musician isn’t always easy, what problems do you face on a daily basis?

I would say the biggest issue for me is time management. There is so much to do in a day, like covers, practicing piano, keeping up with my socials, schoolwork of course, writing music, recording in my dad’s studio, working out, and of course seeing my friends every once in a while. I find it difficult to find time to do it all.

What music did you listen to growing up?

I would listen to whatever my sister was listening to, and she has a fantastic, wide-ranging taste in music! So I was hearing a real variety of stuff, much of it very “vibey.” Plus my dad loves jazz, so that was always playing during dinner.

Did you always plan on being a musician?

I think I was singing before I could talk! I’ve always had a feeling this is what I wanted to do, but I started really taking it seriously a few years ago.

 When and how exactly did you decide to make a YouTube channel?

I actually always wanted a YouTube channel so I set one up in 2010, but it seemed too scary to actually post covers and originals. And then one day almost two years ago my friend was really pushing me to do it, and I just decided, what the heck! Why not?? I posted my first few videos and was nervous about what people would think. I actually considered taking them down. But slowly and surely, people started subscribing. And now it’s growing so quickly and opening up a lot of avenues for me.

Do you have some tips for musicians reading this who want to create their own YouTube channel?

I get asked this all the time by people who watch my videos, and I always say, just go for it! Be yourself and post as much as you can. It is such an amazing feeling to have your songs, either covers or originals, be heard by others.

How would you describe the music that you make?

Mostly pop. I love ballads, although a ton of my covers are really upbeat, catchy songs.

Are you working on new material for your next album? How far along is it?

I am working on new music. I hope my EP will be out within the next year, and I’m so excited to have people hear it!

Are there themes or topics you want to write about on your next album?

I feel very strongly that people should be accepted for who they are, so that will be a central part of what I write about.

Take me through your song writing process

I love to write with other artists, and in those cases, the process is always different. But if I’m by myself, there’s no set process. In “Could Have Been”, for example, I started with chords and that led to the melody and then the words. But with “Make It Through”, the words came to me first. The one thing that’s pretty constant is I write from personal experience, about things I feel strongly about. The other thing that has to happen is edit, edit, edit until I can be proud of the final product.

How do you know when a song is ready?

Somehow, you just know. I’m very picky and I keep making changes and editing. But at a certain point, it just feels ready.

What is the most important song you wrote emotionally? What’s the story behind it?

I wrote “Make It Through” last year. It is about someone I care about very much. The message was to keep the faith.. that no matter how down they felt, or how hopeless things seemed, they could make it through.

Where do you want to be in five years, what are things that you’re still hoping to achieve?

Hopefully, I’ll have a few albums out at that time, and be touring the world!! That’s the

ultimate dream!

If you had the choice to do a collaboration with any musician, who would it be and why?

I would love to collab with Shawn Mendes.

Do you have tips for musicians that they can use when practicing their instrument/vocals

I’d say get into a routine that you’re comfortable with and keep at it, even if it’s hard. I used to hate practicing piano, but you get out what you put in. Now I know that the more you play, the easier it gets, and the more fun.

What do you think about the fleeber initiative? A platform for musicians, stores, producers, and fans.

I think this is so fantastic, and I’m so flattered that you’re interviewing me. The more information and insights that people have into what others do and how they approach things, the easier it is to follow your own path. It’s so important to soak up as much as you can from others, and this is a fantastic way of bringing us all together.

How do you prepare yourself for a performance (what’s your routine when you are just about to hit the stage?)

I get really nervous before I go on stage, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I probably bite my fingers more than I should! But I love to perform so I just wait for that amazing moment when I walk on stage and the nerves just disappear.

Are you going on tour? Where can people see you playing live?

PressPlay has asked me to join their tour as a special guest. So I’ll be appearing May 20th in Toronto, my hometown! I am so excited for the opportunity to perform, and to meet fans.

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