Ta querendo uma grana extra? Quer ganhar R$100 do fleeber? DE VERDADE! Indica um estúdio de música pra gente.

Não é promoção, não é corrente, não é pirâmide… É só muito simples!

Sabe aquele estúdio que você já está acostumado a ensaiar / gravar? Ele já usa o fleeber Studio (nossa solução para estúdios)? Não? Então se você indicar e ele começar a usar, você leva R$100 pela indicação. Viu como é fácil?!

Conte pro dono do estúdio do sistema (, e manda pra gente o contato dele (Whatsapp, Facebook, email), juntamente com o seu contato! É só enviar para, e o resto é conosco!

Além da grana, você ainda passará a ter muito mais facilidade no contato e marcação de ensaios e gravações!!! Vai ser tudo online!

Tem um estúdio de música? Conheça a solução fleeber Studio


Se o estúdio que você indicar fechar um de nossos pacotes, no primeiro pagamento dele, você ganha R$100,00 direto na sua conta (precisa ter uma conta corrente para depósito ok?)! Ah, só vai ganhar o primeiro que indicar cada estúdio (e tiver feito a indicação para o dono, não adianta só mandar nome e contato de estúdio sem falar com ele)!!!!

Quer mais informações sobre o sistema pra conversar com o estúdio? Manda email pra gente no que batemos um papo!

From 'The Social Network' Movie: Mark Zuckerberg Business Card [CEO, Facebook]

From ‘The Social Network’ Movie: Mark Zuckerberg Business Card [CEO, Facebook]

When you have that one billion dollar idea in the shower and decide that you should have your own Start Up, become CEO, and have a nice business card with your name on it, that are some little things that need to happen between that idea and that one billion dollars. Those little things are basically work, work and work a little more.

First thing that should be really clear, you will work at least twice as you used to in any other job. You have a business depending on you, there is no more weekends, no more sleeping late or calling sick, there are only goals that you must accomplish. You have to find time to make things happen, otherwise that “billion dollar” idea is just an idea. Execution matters way much more than ideas.

In the beginning of fleeber (we were named JamOn at the time) I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to build a great company by myself, so I found two other crazy people to join me in this ride. Later we realized that we still needed more expertise in the company (we also have had some changes in the founding team through the time), so another two guys joined the group (personal reminder: write about finding the right people to start a company with and about our founding team). Now we are six founders… So, how shall we divide our responsibilities? IT, Product, Marketing, Operational, Commercial? Everyone in their own world? Friendly reminder, we are all first time founders (at least in the IT world)… The answer for us was never too difficult to get… we can´t be specialists. We must work as a team, getting every next “to-do item” and deciding how to attack it.

It is true that we have “owners” for the company areas (IT, Marketing, etc..), but at the end of the day, is everyone’s responsibility to get the job done. So, each one of us works in more than one area of expertise.

Going even further, we don´t think that having strictly defined roles should be an option… not to us, and probably not to our first 50 employees… Everyone should be accountable for the company, because in the end, if it fails, it is going to fail for everyone. We should be ready to do just about anything, whether is serving coffee or setting a barbecue together (by the way, Loucão, one of our founders, is unbelievable great at this) while some of us are coding, learning about legal stuff, or supporting an user.

The sentence “this is not my job to do” is not acceptable at fleeber… It is everyone´s job to make the company grow. We have gone through changes from the first founder´s team to finally get to this one, and we are not afraid to do even more changes on the way if that is going to be better for the company.

So, the most important thing is, what you are willing to do for your start up, or your cool executive title? By the way, I have chosen my own title… I´m CCTO bi**…. Chief of Cheap Talk Officer… and maybe that is the real reason why at least I don´t need a job title on my business card.

By the way… thanks to Rafael Volpato for this post’s idea.