This is a post to announce our mind-boggling new features! (Yes, there is more than one.) They are already live on our dearest fleeber website! Our Android and iOS apps will be updated soon.

First, we now have a juicy tagging ability – Oh my god… fleeber is finnally up to date to this incredible 2010 internet feature 🙂

Tagging people and services

It’s easy to do. You can now tag anyone that you follow (your friends, services or places, your dad – if he’s signed up to fleeber) and they will be notified to take a look at the message you tagged them!!! Just type their name capitalized, or start with the good and old @.


Well, read on. Our next new features are waaaay above cool — they’re hot!!

You already have your profile here on fleeber, don’t you? How about you can create another profile exclusively for your band, right from the comfort of your current musician profile?

Please welcome your most requested, most awaited feature… The BAND /ARTIST profile!!

Check out My BANDS / ARTISTS under the menu at the top left of your screen, and hit that!

Don’t worry, it’s FREE.

Fill out the fields, such as the band’s name, its birth date, and all the necessary stuff to make a neat band profile. Give it it’s own profile picture and cover media. After that, add all of the band members! Yes, each one of them!

Add Member to Band Profile

And we mean, add past members too! This will create a band’s musical journey, from past to present! Just tell fleeber when that cool ex-member joined and when they left and what they were playing. Their profiles will be connected to the band’s, so people can find them through your band, the way people find your band through theirs.

This applies to your active members too. So everyone that is and was part of your band will automatically be connected to your band’s profile.

While there is not much that an ex can do (maybe sue you if you were married), active members (including you) can post photos, videos, and news to fans, followers, and to the entire population of planet fleeber. No more feeding the fans on your own when the whole band can do it together.

But what if you don’t have a band yet? Or you still need to find that badass shredder to go stages with you?

Worry not!

Just create a band/artist profile (just like we taught you above), but leave that specific positions open so musicians can apply. You soon will start receiving applications and yes, you will decide who gets to play and who doesn’t!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is just some of the things that ONLY fleeber can do. There will always be more to come as we, in our evermessy warm kitchen, are preparing features like: exclusive show schedules, music registration and distribution, jobs posting and the hiring of various services, full interaction with the fans, and much more! We will keep you updated through this blog and our newsletters. You just keep making great music and have fun!

Have some features to ask? Email us at features@fleeber.com!

See you all playing soon!